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Valuation v. Appraisal: Many people don't understand the difference between a 'Valuation' and an 'Appraisal'. Most people tend to want a 'Valuation'. The question is generally, "What do you think this is worth"? or "How much do you think this would go for at auction"? This is far different from an appraisal.

A 'valuation' is essentially an educated guess from a person that may or may not have seen similar items sell at various times. When getting a valuation, it's important to remember that times change. What sold for a great deal 10 years ago, may now be out of favor and go for far less. A professional can tell you.

An 'Appraisal' is an in-depth market analysis that is often 20 pages or more in length, and that's just for one item. It contains comparables, research notes and more. It can be taken to the bank - literally!

We can do either one for you. The appraisal is a time consuming and costly endevour, the valuation is a quick opinion. It all depends on what you need and why.

‚ÄčIf you are interested in learning about the value of your items or estate, please send us an email with the images of your goods, along with your contact information and any details you may have or know related to your items. We will review and be in touch with you as to your goals and timing for your items. Please send via email to:

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