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Personalized  Property Services for Clients in Northern & Central California

If you wish to consign your items, our team will work with you to set up a contract to take the items on consignment. Occasionally, if someone just wants to sell the items instead of consigning them, CarmelAuction may purchase the group. This is simpler, but CarmelAuction is conservative in its purchases, and you might do better on consignment.

If you’re interested in values, please see the click here to be linked to information on Valuations.

Transportation of Items

·        In general, we prefer items to remain in place when at all possible. This limits the possibility of damage, lessons costs related to transportation & storage, and is generally more desirable to clients. However, if this is not possible given your situation, we can accommodate for additional fees.

·        We will meet with you privately by appointment at a location comfortable for you.

·        For Larger Collections and Estates, we prefer to meet at the estate or business to assess everything, including access for trucks. The team may list the items, by taking photographs and going over details with you, if there’s just a few, but for estates and larger collections, a more complete item list with more detail for a catalogued auction will be required. CarmelAuction reserves the right to turn away items that are of low value or not appropriate for auction at CarmelAuction.

·        Payment is 30 working days after the auction.

·        Fees: We work on a percentage of the ‘hammer price’ sale basis, as opposed to a flat fee. To learn more, please call for a complimentary consultation so that your specific needs are addressed and an understanding of likely fees can be shared. The more you get, the more we get – it’s a win win. Please use the form here to share with us.