Training 2016-2018

Personalized  Property Services for Clients in Northern & Central California

First Time Bidders - Bidding at a CarmelAuction is easy and fun. Whether you are interested in fine arts, furniture, equipment, Real Estate or jewelry, silver, gold, automobiles or special collections, just follow the steps below. *Note, we are still in development! All services are not available just yet. Stay tuned!

Step 1 – Mark Your Calendar!

CarmelAuction will announce to our registered bidders, and also via local ads and online, when the next auction will take place.  You can also check the website under ‘Upcoming Auctions’.

Step 2 – Preview items

The week before we hold any auction, whether it is online or Live, we make preview appointments for the public.  We will provide you with the full catalog so that you are able to write notes and do any research you wish prior to bidding. Our team is available to answer questions you may have. 

Step 3 – Evaluate items

If you are interested in a particular piece and desire more information, we encourage you to ask questions and do your homework. Estimates printed in the catalog refer to the range at which similar items generally sell at auction. Bidding usually begins at half the low estimate, unless multiple higher absentee bids have been received. We are able to provide detailed condition reports for most items upon request. Most things sell significantly below the prices normally set in a retail store as the person selling has marked up the price to account for overhead and other expenses.

Step 4 – Set a Limit

Decide in advance roughly what your spending limit is on the item. “If it sells for $600 or less, I’ll buy it. If it sells for more than $600, I don’t want it.” You don’t have a lot of time during the auction of that item to debate how much to spend. Be sure to account for the buyer’s premium and other costs that may apply to you such as sales tax, online buyer’s premium, and shipping and handling.

Step 5 – Attend the Auction and Bid

We generally start at lot #1 sell the lots (items) in consecutive order at roughly 130-200 lots per hour. Some of our auctions may be onsite at an announced location. Others may be online or we may have a combination of both. We will keep you notified.

Understand the Conditions of Sale

The Conditions of Sale are the Rules and Regulations that govern each auction. You can find the Conditions of Sale on the front cover of each auction catalog or Click Here to view Conditions Of Sale. (Please read them carefully.) *These will be added soon.

If you have a reseller certificate, make sure prior to registration to bid, that a copy is received by CarmelAuction that is current.

Step 6 – Pick Up / Shipping Purchased Items

All items must be paid for the day of the auction, whether online or Live. Items must be removed per the terms of that particular auction. Items not picked up as described for that particular auction by the deadline, even if paid for, will be forfeited. Please make sure to have movers, shippers, boxers, trucks, labor and/or anything else you will need to remove won items by the dates specified. You are responsible for bringing your own boxes and packing material for the small items during a Live auction. Our team is not responsible for carrying items to your vehicle. We do not have in-house shipping services. We can provide you with a list of independent movers who can ship the items to you.